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Upin & Ipin is the title of a short-run animated series produced by animation company Les' Copaque Production in Malaysia, and also the name of the two main characters of the series. Upin & Ipin is a spin-off of the film Geng: The Adventure Begins which also features the main characters of the animated series.

At first, Upin & Ipin blessing of Ramadan broadcast in 2007 AD in the TV9 (Malaysia), with the purpose of educating the kids that live erties glorious months, now menjangkaui five seasons and not on televisyen LIMITED, even in the form of DVDs and video over the Internet penstriman. Upin & Ipin also successfully marketed abroad, especially neighboring Indonesia.

The success of regional viewers compelling, Upin & Ipin is listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the "Most Successful Animation" in 2011.

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