Season 1, Episode 4
Air date September 21, 2007
Written by Muhammad Ayyubi
Directed by Mahmood Amin
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Esok Raya
Note: This episode apperance Fizi & Ehsan. Edit

Terawih (Taraweeh Prayer) is a 4th episode of season 1 in Upin & Ipin

Intro Edit

Upin and Ipin tells he slept on floor in first day, in second day he go.

Summary Edit

On second day, he wait Kak Ros to go Tawarih (as part name in Hideko day), Opah tell for:

About Edit

Taraweeh is part of Ramadan, not play with friends. Before prayer:

  1. Stop his phone. (headset, PSP or pad)
  2. Closer your Saff.
  3. Standing without mistake.
  4. Reading intention of Taraweeh.

When prayer:

  1. Dont play.
  2. Dont talk without correction.

Follow the Imam pray:

  1. 1 Rakah
  2. 8 Rakah
  3. 20 Rakah

Suddenly, Kak Ros get out & he go to mosque, before go, he ask dont be bad at mosque.

In the mosque... Edit

When arrive in mosque, he meets Fizi & Ehsan (who get money). Soon, he ask friends to play latalilat, but...

Friends: Lat ta lilat ta li tam... Edit

Kak Ros: (hmm....) (Kak Ros try to punch me.) Edit

Friends: Plom! Edit

Ouch! This worst time made Kak Ros punch Upin & Ipin before Taraweeh begins.

In mosque, he followed Taraweeh Prayer, but he talk, Upin says dont talk in prayer, after prayer he meets Tok Dalang.

Soon he come to meets friends, Fizi & Ehsan was happened play hide & seek, but Upin & Ipin know... play sandals throwing.

Outro Edit

Bad Ending Edit

Kak Ros was angry & he punch 88 times after Taraweeh.

Back to segment... Edit

Upin & Ipin talk about crisis by Kak Ros after Taraweeh, but he soon eat chicken.