Characters of Upin & Ipin
8 kak ros
"Esok Puasa"
"Noor Ezdiani Ahmad Fauwzi (Season 1)
Ida Shaheera (Season 2-7)
Khairunnisa (Season 7-9)
Balqis Fadhullah Lee (Geng: The Adventure Begins)"
Ros is the eldest sister to Upin and Ipin, and granddaughter to Opah. Upin, Ipin and friends who had grown up with them all called her Kak Ros.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ros is a teenage girl who is studying in secondary school. At home, Ros always wear dress. She also wears a hijab during school, or celebrating Eid.


Ros be firm with her brothers, and often scolded Upin and Ipin when he found them doing naughty. Sometimes a firm stand against her brothers is reprimanded by Opah more lenient with the twin brothers. Nevertheless, Ros still loves Upin and Ipin notwithstanding.

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