Characters of Upin & Ipin
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"Esok Puasa"
"Asyiela Putri"
Ipin is one of the main character and eponymous ini Upin & Ipin. He is the Upin's younger, Kak Ros's young brother and Opah's grandson.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Although Upin and Ipin are identical twins who are both bald, Ipin distinguished because no strand of hair like Upin, and usually wearing a blue singlet that says the letter "i", and a little red scarf tied around the neck and anchored behind him.


As the little brother, Ipin show character if yes which agreed only with brother or anyone to talk to him every time, by responding to the words by repeating one word three times in one sentence, for example "Correct-correct-correct" or "Yummy-yummy-yummy". Upin also displays of fond will eat fried chicken, so that he once willing to buy fried chicken excessively though not necessarily eat up.


  • Ipin share the same voice actor with Upin.

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