Watak Upin & Ipin
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Mohd. Syahmi Abdul Hamid (season 1–4)
Fareez Daniel (season 5–)

Ehsan is a friend of Upin and Ipin. He is familiar with Fizi and they often appear together.


Ehsan is famous for his body shape that is more stout than his friends who are slender-slim sheer, and wearing black-rimmed glasses that is thick. As the head of the class in Kindergarten, he also wears a butterfly tie with his uniform.


As a member of the wealthy family, Ehsan is known for some offensive nature associated with the background, the pampering, love to show off, and picky in the things important to him. He does not like to waste food or see anyone membazirnya. Responsibilities as the head of the class also expressed the attitude that leads to a bit of self-Ehsan.

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