Watak Upin & Ipin
240 px
Amir Izwan

Badrol is one of the minor characters in the series Upin & Ipin, and also one of the main characters in Geng: The Adventure Begins. He is the grandson of the Tok Dalang who lives in Kuala Lumpur and usually go home during Hari Raya.


Heart-shaped face shape, hair style curtained similar to Dhul. In the film Geng, Badrol wearing a red T-shirt with yellow stripes down the sleeves and printed number 7 on the left chest (maybe football sports). In episodes of Eid, he wore a red shirt Malays.


Badrol is a young city with self-confident, full of energy and love of adventure. Badrol also a willingness to take risks, but they do not plan in advance. The proof, he easily attracted to return to the village when watching news of the discovery of Ghost Durian by his grandfather. However, he has a weakness, that is afraid of frogs. Badrol best friend is Lim.

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